Inventory and Pricing

Douglas Maxwell 910-390-1234, call or text

All inventory located at 2445 Clinton Rd Fayetteville NC unless otherwise noted

All pricing in below links includes delivery via rollback within 100 miles of Fayetteville NC but not sales tax

The only other fee that we charge is 3% processing fee on credit cards but most people just pay our driver when we deliver.

Please make sure to review SITE REQUIREMENTS prior to delivery.

No matter the price all containers are wind and water tight unless other wise noted.

Pricing varies by size and condition but in general a decent wind and water tight container will be:

20′ – $2,250.00 but prices vary $1,750.00-$3,950.00

40’DV and HC – $2,750.00 but prices vary $1,950.00-$6,750.00

Click here for pictures and pricing on our current inventory